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Jeff The Killer
United States
Jeff is a psychopathic thirteen-year old killer. He murders his victims by carving their lips as a infinite smile. He hasn't been caught and will kill much anyone. He tortured a girl named Jane Arkensaw by killing her friends and family and pouring bleach on her then lighting her on fire. Which put her in the hospital, were he sent her a package with a wig, a mask and a knife. He's out there and on the loose. (Read for more!)

Kills: 2
Deaths: 2

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Love: (You really have to work for this one, can't just be some random fangirl.)
"What is this feeling you call... lo---lu---li---LOVE? Whatever it is I feel it for you?"

Best Friends:
This is Creepypasta. But you call her creepy, she's pretty much the queen/king of 'creepypastas.' which is something that apparently you are in. You're confused about it, but you like her nonetheless.
"I could never murder you, but... I will eventually. ;p"

This is Cryaotic. You don't really call him a name or anything. Since you don't even know it. You tried to kill him, but he pointed out so many things that you weren't aware of. So you didn't kill him, and you told him your life story sorta.
This is Chell. She's a twenty year old mute badass to you. You tried to save her from a evil robot, but died in the process. You came back when she was twenty, and now you're both on a big adventure to escape the clutches of GlaDOS.
"What are you?"

You broke into her mansion and tried to kill her, but she killed you by hugging you to death. HUGS FUCKING BURN! You want your revenge on the vampire, but she's just a 'kid.' But so are you.
"Hmm... I wanna kill you but I don't wanna kill you."

This guy, is a jackass. He's a bossy bitch to you. He's been yelling at you not to bother the people and not to fuck things up, which pissed you off. It's nerve-racking to you!
"AHAHAHAHHAHA! You're all going to sleep. I'll tuck you in reaaaaaaaal nice."

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